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In the long course of history, fine arts are the witness of the process of human civilization and the epitome of human thinking and culture at all stages. They are not only valuable intangible assets but also special forms of wealth. Fine arts can withstand the test of time and are endowed with eternal vitality as they pass on our heritage and rise in value.

Engines of Innovation

Art makes life graceful while finance makes it convenient.

Located on the historic site of the old West Market and at the starting point of the Silk Road, the West Market Fine Art Center is an experimental project in the first phase of Arts CBD project. Being the first full service platform for the trade and services of fine art on the Silk Road Economic Belt, the Center seeks to create value driven by its two engines: fine art and finance. The Center has special expertise in the areas of fine art, silk, jewels, tea, and alcohols and offers services including fine art exhibition and trade, auction and authentication, on-line store, warehousing and logistics, and financial services. Complemented by other business formats including five-star hotels and a Silk Road cultural street, the Center offers a whole chain of services and seeks to set up its own distinctive brand across major cities in China, eventually making itself a cultural project with unique cultural flavor, best fine art collection and international vision.

Future: innovative concept for development

By upholding the concept of “culture creates value and business makes dreams come true”, the Tang West Market Group is committed to the mission of carrying on the cultural and historical tradition and is guided by a relentless drive for innovation and integrity. The Group seeks to create a sustainable development model of nurturing culture through business and promoting business through culture, under which cultural business and cultural undertakings can support each other. This innovative concept has given ACBD a leading edge in business development and helps it grow stronger and bigger in China in future.
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