29 SEP 2017

Marvella X Larry’s Jewellry

Asia-based jewellery maison, Larry Jewelry, and French fine jewellery and watch brand, Marvella, recently came together to host a joint exhibition in which they displayed the choicest selection from their high jewellery and watch collections.

The collections of the two houses complemented each other in a harmonious way, as both brands are united by a common thread of skilled craftsmanship and elegant designs.

While Larry Jewelry showcased its dazzling diamond collection, Marvella displayed some unique watches from its Blanc de Blanc, Jardin and other collections.

A bunch of socialites turned up at the venue to show their support for the brands. Familiar faces included Real Ting, Ruby Lam, Michelle Chua, James Shing, Kirk Yip, Amanda Lui, among others.
02 SEP - 28 SEP 2017


The exhibition features the refined artworks of Bai's, illustrating the diversity and sophistication of his artworks, as well as the sincerity of his feelings. What we see in his paintings are not lines, but rather the reverence for nature and lives, and the love for culture.

Bai's ceramic works are the cultural symbols of the maritime Silk Road, which also provide a connecting thread between China and the world. We hope that this exhibition can illustrate the timeless glamour of Chinese ceramics and Silk Road culture, as well as exhibiting the outcomes of the cultural exchange of the “Belt and Road” in Hong Kong.   About Bai Ming...

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